Tien Shinhan


Anime name Tien Shinhan


Manga name Tenshinhan
Alternate names Mr. Tien

Ten Shinhan Ten 3 Eyes Ten-San

Debut Manga: "Return to the Tournament"

Anime: "The Rampage of InoShikaCho"

Date of birth Age 733
Date of death Age 762 (revived)

May 10th, Age 767 (Alternate timeline) Age 774 (revived)


Tien Shinhan (天津飯 Tenshinhan) (typically just called Tien in the English dub) is a Human introduced near the end of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga in the anime. Because of his harsh upbringing, he is initially cold and heartless, thinking nothing of exploiting innocents and inflicting pain. However, Master Roshi and Goku eventually help him to see the folly of his master's teachings, and he then becomes a trusted ally. He later fights as a Z Fighter, but retires from fighting after he is no longer able to compete with the power of the Super Saiyans.

Tien Shinhan's Japanese name pun is Tenshindon a quasi-Chinese dish actually invented in Japan, consisting of a crabmeat omelet over rice. It gets its name from the fact that it was originally made using high-quality rice. The character’s name is written in kanji (天津飯) with a katakana furigana reading (テンシンハン, Tenshinhan) to indicate that it has a foreign (ie Chinese) reading, although unlike Chiaotzu, “Tenshinhan” is actually also the normal Japanese reading for the kanji.