After King Piccolo's release, Piano was his first son. He is a very bright, pterodactyl-like Namekian, and is the longest living member of King Piccolo's animal-like Namekian sons, witnessing his father seemingly kill the young warrior Goku and surviving long enough to see the beginning of the epic final showdown between his father and Goku. Unlike King Piccolo's other sons, he was not a fighter-class Namekian and can be closer compared to young Dende on Namek with Guru, serving as his father's attendant. Mere moments after his brother Drum's death, Piano himself is killed. Goku punches King Piccolo and he is sent flying into Piano, wounding him. After the fight between King Piccolo and Goku ensues, Piano can be seen sinking into the rubble, which apparently kills Piano as he falls underground


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