Mez (メズ, Mezu; lit. "Horse-head") is a big ogre (oni) that is in charge of Hell together with Goz.


King Yemma is his boss and also the only oni who is faster than Mez. His skin is red, he has dark hair and two horns, making him looking closer to King Yemma than other oni. He challenges Goku to a running competition and is doing quite well in it, but then Goku tricks him and wins (also managing to steal one of Ensenji, King Yemma's Fruits). After his loss, Mez shows a way back to Snake Way (to King Yemma's table, to be more precise).

Goz and Mez later reappear in "Warriors of the Dead" where they are shown to be in hiding from Cell and his fellow villain rioters. It was also implied in this scene that they would have told Cell and his rioters how to escape from Hell had they caught them in order to save their own lives, as they mentioned that they would tell them where the secret lair was when they thought Goku and Pikkon were Cell and his rebels.

They reappear watching the fight between Kid Buu and Goku (and were also impressed by Kid Buu's putting up a fight) in "Vegeta's Respect". Later, Goz and Mez briefly reappears during the Super 17 Saga of Dragon Ball GT.

Voice ActorsEdit

Japenese Dub: ???

Ocean Dub: Doug Parker

FUNimation dub:Mike McFarland,

Latin American dub: Gerardo Reyero

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