Goten in japanese Son Gohan is the son of goku and chi chi and the younger brother of gohan he is a Half breed saiyan and is best friends with trunks.Goten is usually dominated by trunks.When goten and trunks fuse they turn into Gotenks.Goten is very strong for a kid stronger then goku when he was a kid.Goten has a high power level lower then piccolo though if he fought piccolo as a super saiyan thered be a 62 percent chance of piccolo winning well theryd be a 38 percent chance of goten winning.When goten fuses with Trunks and becomes Gotenks he has many attacks such as Kamiakaze attack which is a ghost attack which is awesome.He is a kid for all of dragon ball z and a teenager in dragon ball gt.


Gotens appearance is very similar to gokus when he was a kid goten also shares gokus appetite.

Personality Edit

Goten is a very happy go lucky kind kid much like goku when he was a kid he is often dominated by trunks who is more crafty and mischievous.


  • "Now that Mom's not here... is it okay, if I be like you? Ya know, a Super Saiyan." — Goten questioning Gohan.

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