Bending Kamehameha
Bending Kamehameha

Bending Kamehameha

Inventor Goku
Users Goku
Class Energy Wave
Color Blue and White
Similar techniques Chasing Bullet

Masenko Galick Gun

Bending Kamehameha (曲がるかめかめ波, Magaru Kamehameha) is a version of the Kamehameha that the user can change the direction of willingly by not unleashing all of the energy, allowing the user to move the blast.

Goku used the Bending Kamehameha when fighting King Piccolo and Raditz, but this was easily blocked by Raditz.

The Bending Kamehameha was named in the Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7.


  • Goku used this against Raditz
  • The Bedning Kamehameha was named in the Dragon Ball Daizenshuu
  • This is a technique similar to Maskeno

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